InSinkerator Reviews

InSinkErator Water Dispensers

Instant Hot Water is so handy - it looks great too with InSinkErator!

Instant hot water looks as good as it is useful.

Let me ask you...do you have a contemporary kitchen?

There’s an InSinkErator instant hot water dispenser to match that.

Or maybe you have a country styled kitchen?

Well, you guessed it, we’ve got a faucet design for that, too.

In fact, the good people at InSinkErator have created such a wide and dynamic range of designs and finishes, that there truly is an instant hot water dispenser available that has the style and of course grace to allow you to match just about any sink faucet and kitchen!

And they have the configration you want and need too!

InSinkErator supplies instant hot water faucets in hot-only – for easy and convenience near-boiling water...instantly!

They also supply hot and cool faucets, which when matched with an InSinkErator filtration system adds the benefit of filtered cool drinking water from the same faucet! Genius!

The following's a peek at just how the instant hot water system functions.

The way the InSinkErator ® instant hot water system works is really relatively basic. To start with, the system taps into the kitchen sink's cold water supply, which is attached to the hot water tank. The tank positions under the sink and keeps 2/3 gallons of water at near-boiling temps at all times. As hot water is put to use from the spout, it's displaced in the tank by cool water, which is rapidly heated. A thermostat tracks the water temperature and controls the heating element.

If an InSinkErator ® filtration system has been put in the instant hot water dispenser, cool water to begin with travels through the filter cartridge before it enters the hot water tank or travels to the drinking water side of hot and cool designs.

*The Hot & Cold faucets will of course require a separate hot water tank to complete your system.