InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Choose the InSinkErator Evolution Compact When Space Is A Little Tight...

The Evolution Compact® garbage disposal was designed for those households and houses that have little or restricted cabinet space. The efficient space saving design delivers a great fit for smaller households or families who maybe don't cook as much or have as much waste to "grind away!"

The Evolution Compact garbage disposal is powerful and strong enough to effectively grind even tough foods such as potato peels and carrot peels. And yet, the InSinkErator Compact still is rated as quiet especially versus a standard disposal.

The Evolution Compact is powered by a long lasting Dura Drive motor with incredible grind force.

If offers tremendous durability with its LeakGuard Liner and Alloy Stainless Steel Grind components.

Tough Food scraps stand no chance with the famous InSinkErator 2 Stage multi-grind technology!

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InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Small enough to fit where the full size model can't but still with plenty of power to do the job!